iEARN Sri Lanka - Workshop on MAD day - 2014 October 28

On the last Tuesday in October each year, iEARN youth, educators and coordinators around the world are participating in MAD (Make A Difference) Day by giving back to their local communities through community service and sharing their Collaboration Centre projects with others. In 2014, MAD Day was held on October 28.

To commemorate this day, the iEARN Society of Royal College, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka, created an evening filled with entertainment for elders living in an “elders’ Home” as the MAD project for the iEARN Global Make a Difference Day.

The school selected an elderly home which is named “Mallika Home for Elderly Women” ( to carry out the project. The elderly home is situated close proximity to the school.



The selected activity was projecting a very popular Sri Lankan movie in a giant screen. The movie depicted a very popular incident which took place in the ancient past in Sri Lanka during the monarch period. This movie was recently shown in the Sri Lankan cinema and was very popular amongst all generations. The elders living in this elderly home was unable to see the movie in the cinema due to immobility. The selected movie was very well received by the audience and they enjoyed it very well.

Further, we also organized a musical evening after the movie. The musical evening projected videos of “golden oldies” in Sinhala which portrayed their time.

The participants enjoyed the entertainment filled evening with “movie food and drinks” throughout. Approximately 100 elderly ladies who are resident in this home participated for this activity.


All who participated at the event requested the iEARN Society to continuously organize programmes of this nature as it was a wonderful experience for them.