iEARN Sri Lanka Mid Year workshop - Royal College, Colombo 7.

5th June 2009

iEARN Sri Lanka organized an IT related conference for teachers and students of age group of 12-14.

This workshop was inaugurated by the Principal of Royal College.

Teachers and students from all 9 provinces representing all ethnic groups are expected to be presented for this workshop. Further, we are going to publish an anthology with the compilation of poetry and short stories written by children of Sri Lanka.

Teachers and students of few schools from Colombo & Matara
districts represented this workshop.

During the workshop, a training was provided to teachers and students of the participating schools to work with interactive forums and projects carried out by the students & teachers of over 125 countries around the world.

Training materials and refreshments were provided for the workshop and at the end, a participation certificate also was given for the participants. The workshop was held on 5th of June 2009, 8:30 am to 12:00 pm.


The following activities were carried out at this remarkable
workshop held at Royal College Colombo 7

Introduction to iEARN
Training on how to join iEARN
Registration authorization by Country Coordinator
On-Line Students / Teachers registration
Introduction to projects
Partipating on interactive forums by teachers & students

Registration for the Workshop


iEARN Sri Lanka - Mid Year Workshop 2009


Students at the Workshop


Participants looking at the the handout and the CD received at registration